Sustainable / Greener Choices

Ramco Floor and Tile has a great selection of more sustainable choices for your commercial and residential projects. We offer these not only because more people are asking, but because we truly believe in using materials that are safer for our installers and customers, and that leave a lighter impact on our planet.

Here are just a few of the choices you can use, whether to satisfy a LEED requirement or just to make a personal choice for yourself.

  • Hardwoods that are Forest Stewardship Certified, which means that our forests will last forever.
  • Cork Flooring that is considered one of most sustainable flooring materials available. Trees are harvested every 9 years and provide income to families for many generations.
  • Linoleum floors have been around for many years. You will still find linoleum floors that have been walked on for decades in very high traffic locations. They are made from linseed oils, wood flour, pine rosin and other natural materials. While many people know about them in commercial applications, did you know we can now install them in a click system for your home?
  • Carpets made from renewable resources and natural materials.

Let us know your needs. If we don't have it in the store, we are happy to source out new materials for you. 

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